Michael T. Noonan is a fine art photographer specializing in abstract images of water. His photographs range from completely conceptual to literal representations of water from around the world. His work traverses temporal conditions of day and night, chaos and calmness, color and light - all with a unifying beauty using abstractions of water as a universal and essential element. He specializes in high resolution, raw images that are neither enhanced nor edited in any way. They are produced in large-scale format (60x90; 50x75; 40x60); printed on archival matte or gloss paper; unmounted or single/second surface mounting; framed or unframed... and can be found in private collections worldwide. He studied photography at Boston University, and lives in Chicago, Illinois.
2.2<br>Orange County, CA, USA<br>Pacific Ocean, Lido Island
7.2<br>Copenhagen, Denmark<br>Baltic Sea, Nyhavn Canal
8.4<br>Rome, Italy<br>Pallazo del Popolo
23.1<br>Santorini, Greece<br>Aegean Sea, Thira
1.7<br>Chicago, IL, USA<br>Chicago River
28.6<br>Cote d'Azur, France<br>2013 - Ligurian Sea, Hotel du Cap Eden Roc
21.1<br>Crete, Greece<br>Sea of Crete, Elounda
10.3<br>Paris, France<br>Siene, Pont Royal
3.5<br>Stockholm, Sweden<br>Baltic Sea, Stockholm Marina
17.2<br>Northern Wisconsin, USA<br>Washington Island
21.5<br>Crete, Greece<br>Sea of Crete, Elounda
13.5<br>Prague, Czech Republic<br>Vltava, Certovka